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             abstract = "Advertising images increasingly require attractive faces to 
                         attract the publics attention. Several studies have been conducted 
                         to enhance facial attractiveness in images. While some researchers 
                         suggest changes in geometrical shape, others advocate modifying 
                         the appearance of the facial skin; however, there have been few 
                         attempts to explore the possibility of combining both techniques. 
                         This paper sets out a novel method of doing this: facial geometry 
                         and skin texture modifications. Our method, which is based on 
                         supervised machine learning techniques, is able to improve the 
                         attractiveness of faces in images while preserving the original 
                         features of the picture. We also demonstrate the effectiveness of 
                         this combination by carrying out two different evaluations. 
                         Accordingly, we analyze the significance of each change that is 
                         designed to improve attractiveness by comparing the original image 
                         with a) the image in which only the facial geometry has been 
                         modified, b) the image in which only the texture skin has been 
                         modified and finally c) the image with both modifications. Our 
                         results reveal that the combination of geometric and skin texture 
                         modifications results in the most significant enhancement. It also 
                         demonstrates that modifications to the skin texture can be 
                         regarded as more important to obtain an attractive face than 
                         changes to the facial geometry. Additionally, evaluations are 
                         provided to quantify the gain in facial attractiveness and it 
                         should be pointed out that our method is the first to employ 
                         these, since there are no references to such tests in the 
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