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             abstract = "Emergency events involving fire are potentially harmful, demanding 
                         a fast and precise decision making. The use of crowdsourcing image 
                         and videos on crisis management systems can aid in these 
                         situations by providing more information than verbal/textual 
                         descriptions. Due to the usual high volume of data, automatic 
                         solutions need to discard non-relevant content without losing 
                         relevant information. There are several methods for fire detection 
                         on video using color-based models. However, they are not adequate 
                         for still image processing, because they can suffer on high 
                         false-positive results. These methods also suffer from parameters 
                         with little physical meaning, which makes fine tuning a difficult 
                         task. In this context, we propose a novel fire detection method 
                         for still images that uses classification based on color features 
                         combined with texture classification on superpixel regions. Our 
                         method uses a reduced number of parameters if compared to previous 
                         works, easing the process of fine tuning the method. Results show 
                         the effectiveness of our method of reducing false-positives while 
                         its precision remains compatible with the state-of-the-art 
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