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             abstract = "We present CivisAnalysis, a web-based system for the visualization 
                         of roll calls of Brazil's Chamber of Deputies that can give 
                         citizens a unique view of the country's political history. 
                         Covering roll calls of six legislatures as well as six 
                         presidential elections, CivisAnalysis combines roll call 
                         visualization techniques with techniques for the visualization of 
                         temporal data. In this work, we provide a visualization of roll 
                         call results as a n-dimensional space, coupling votes with the 
                         spectrum of deputies and the votes of a set of deputies with the 
                         spectrum of roll calls. We also provide a long-term political 
                         timeline integrated with election data (election results and 
                         political alliances). Our tool supports textual and visual 
                         filtering and includes auxiliary visualizations that provide an 
                         overview of the political scenario regarding deputies, parties, 
                         coalitions and their behavior along time. We also report a remote 
                         user study conducted to evaluate CivisAnalysis.",
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