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                         complex surface details defined at multiple scales. Conceptually, 
                         meta-relief texture mapping can be described as recursively 
                         mapping finer relief-texture layers on top of coarser ones. Such a 
                         factorization has several desirable properties. For instance, it 
                         provides a way of simulating highly-complex surface details as a 
                         combination of simpler and inexpensive image-based 
                         representations. This greatly simplifies the modeling of surface 
                         details, enhancing the artists expressive power.We also introduce 
                         a dynamic texture-space ambient-occlusion technique for relief 
                         mapping, which greatly improves the quality of relief renderings. 
                         We demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques by creating 
                         and rendering a number of meta-relief textures with complex 
                         surface details which would have been hard to model directly.",
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