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             abstract = "Caricatures are models of persons or things in which certain 
                         striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a 
                         comic or grotesque effect. This paper is concerned with a strategy 
                         for automatically generating caricatures of three-dimensional 
                         models based on anthropometric measures and geometric 
                         manipulations by influence zones. In the proposed strategy, 
                         measures from a reference model serve as means of comparison with 
                         the corresponding measures in the model to be caricatured. 
                         Deformations are applied to the features that differ most from the 
                         corresponding features in the reference model. This method is 
                         independent of mesh topology. Unlike other techniques, it is 
                         possible to generate variations of caricatures, adopting different 
                         sequences of deformations, application of asymmetry and 
                         expressions. Our method also does not need 3D model databases to 
                         be used as a base of combinations or comparisons of models.",
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