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             abstract = "Non-photorealistic rendering is common to both Computer Graphics 
                         and Digital Image Processing, and encompasses a broad class of 
                         techniques for creating artistic images from scenes, geometric 
                         models or photographic images. In this context, this paper 
                         presents a framework designed to generate cartoon-like abstracted 
                         images, which combines techniques for region smoothing and 
                         segmentation, edge detection, adjustment of brightness/saturation 
                         and color harmonization. A subjective evaluation involving the 
                         output of related work was performed. Additionally, an 
                         experimental study involving human evaluators was conducted, in 
                         which the proposed approach was compared with five existing tools 
                         for image cartoonization. Statistical analysis performed on 
                         experimental data from one-way (1-F) ANOVA and Tukey-Kramer tests 
                         revealed significant differences in preference between results 
                         created by the proposed approach and those created by the 
                         competing approaches.",
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