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             abstract = "With increasing speed of graphics rendering, the bottleneck in 
                         walkthrough applications has shifted to data transfer from 
                         secondary storage device to main memory. While techniques designed 
                         to reduce the data transfer volume and amortize the transfer cost 
                         are well-studied, the disk seek time, which is one of the most 
                         important components of the total rendering cost is not reduced 
                         explicitly. In this work, we propose an orthogonal approach to 
                         address the disk seek time bottleneck, namely single-seek data 
                         layouts. This is a solution in one end of the spectrum of 
                         solutions that guarantee an upper bound on the number of disk 
                         seeks. Using this approach, we can reduce the number of disk seeks 
                         required to load the data for any viewpoint in the scene to no 
                         more than one. We achieve this single seek layout using data 
                         redundancy. We provide a theoretical proof on the upper-bound of 
                         this redundancy factor, and analyze its trade-off with the 
                         rendering performance through an implementation that uses this 
                         data layout for walkthrough applications of datasets with hundreds 
                         of millions of triangles.",
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