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             abstract = "The continuous creation of digital video has caused an exponential 
                         growth of digital video content. To increase the usability of such 
                         large volume of videos, a lot of research has been made. Video 
                         summarization has been proposed to rapidly browse large video 
                         collections. To summarize any type of video, researchers have 
                         relied on visual features contained in frames. In order to extract 
                         these features, different techniques have used local or global 
                         descriptors. In this paper, we propose a method for static video 
                         summarization that can produce meaningful and informative video 
                         summaries. We perform an evaluation using over 100 videos in order 
                         to achieve a stronger position about the performance of local 
                         descriptors in semantic video summarization. Our experimental 
                         results show, with a confidence level of 99\%, that our proposed 
                         method using local descriptors and temporal video segmentation 
                         produces better summaries than state of the art methods. We also 
                         demonstrate the importance of a more elaborate method for temporal 
                         video segmentation, improving the generation of summaries, 
                         achieving 10\% improvement in accuracy. We also acknowledge a 
                         marginal importance of color information when using local 
                         descriptors to produce video summaries.",
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