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                         volumetric models created by artists, proposing a way of using 
                         voxel modeling tools to build B-Rep models. The volumetric data 
                         created by voxel editors usually contain topological features that 
                         do not describe solid structures. Hence, the main objective of 
                         this work is to solve the problem of extracting triangle meshes 
                         from volumes that contain these topological features. In order to 
                         extract surfaces successfully, a methodology was conceived to 
                         resample any volumetric model, in a way that it is possible to 
                         reconstruct a tridimensional manifold that can be polygonized 
                         without generating a surface with gaps or topological problems. 
                         The meshes generated by this technique have good properties, 
                         satisfying some of the main criteria used to measure the quality 
                         of meshes, such as aspect ratio, smoothness and skewness.",
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