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                         classification tasks even in difficult conditions. Unfortunately, 
                         it can be slow and use a lot of memory. The first important step 
                         of the graph-based semi-supervised learning approaches is the 
                         construction of the graph from the data, where each data-point 
                         usually becomes a vertex in the graph a potential problem with 
                         large amounts of data. In this paper, we present a graph 
                         construction method that uses an unsupervised neural network 
                         called growing neural gas (GNG). The GNG instance presents a 
                         intelligent stopping criteria that determines when the final 
                         network configuration maps correctly the input- data points. With 
                         that in mind, we use the final trained network as a reduced input 
                         graph for the semi-supervised classification algorithm, 
                         associating original data-points to the neurons they have 
                         activated in the unsupervised training process.",
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