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                         derivative estimators. The filters response on each frame are 
                         coded into individual histograms of gradients to reduce their 
                         dimensionality. They are combined using orientation tensors. No 
                         local features are extracted and no learning is performed, i.e., 
                         the descriptor depends uniquely on the input video. Motion 
                         description can be enhanced even using multiple filters with 
                         similar or overlapping frequency response. For the problem of 
                         human action recognition using the KTH database, our descriptor 
                         achieved the recognition rate of 93.3% using three Daubechies 
                         filters, one extra filter designed to correlate them, two-fold 
                         protocol and a SVM classifier. It is superior to most global 
                         descriptor approaches and fairly comparable to the state- 
                         of-the-art methods.",
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