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             abstract = "In recent years, many approaches for real-time simulation of 
                         physical phenomena using particles have been proposed. Many of 
                         these use 3D grids for representing spatial distributions and 
                         employ a collision detection technique where particles must be 
                         sorted with respect to the cells they occupy. In this paper we 
                         propose several techniques that make it possible to explore 
                         spatio-temporal coherence in order to reduce the work needed to 
                         produce a correct ordering and thus accelerate the collision 
                         detection phase of the simulation. Sequential and GPU-based 
                         implementations are discussed, and experimental results are 
                         presented. Although devised with particle-based simulations in 
                         mind, the proposed techniques have a broader scope, requiring only 
                         some means of establishing subsequences of the input which did not 
                         change from one frame to the next.",
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