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             abstract = "This paper presents a method to detect unusual behavior in human 
                         crowds based on histograms of velocities in world coordinates. A 
                         combination of background removal and optical flow is used to 
                         extract the global motion at each image frame, discarding small 
                         motion vectors due artifacts such as noise, non-stationary 
                         background pixels and compression issues. Using a calibrated 
                         camera, the global motion can be estimated, and it is used to 
                         build a 2D histogram containing information of speed and direction 
                         for all frames. Each frame is compared with a set of previous 
                         frames by using a histogram comparison metric, resulting in a 
                         similarity vector. This vector is then used to determine changes 
                         in the crowd behavior, also allowing a classification based on the 
                         nature of the change in time: short or long-term changes. The 
                         method was tested on publicly available datasets involving crowded 
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