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                         representing deformable mesh models. State-of-the-art modeling 
                         tools allow the user to deform 3D models (or region of interest) 
                         by selecting sets of points on the surface, called handles, and 
                         move them freely. The deformed surface should look {"}naturally{"} 
                         stretched and bent. Mesh representations based on Conformal 
                         Geometric Algebra extend, quite naturally, the existing deformable 
                         mesh representations by introducing rigid-body-motion handles, 
                         a.k.a motor handles, instead of just translation handles. We show 
                         how these mesh representations conduct to a fast and easy 
                         formulation for the Spline-aligned deformation and a formulation 
                         for linear surface deformation based on generalized barycentric 
                         coordinates. Also, we reformulate the Free-Form Deformation (FFD), 
                         Harmonic Coordinates (HC) and As-Rigid-As-Possible (ARAP) Surface 
                         Modeling into the Conformal Geometric Algebra framework and 
                         discuss the advantages of these reformulations.",
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