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             abstract = "This paper shows the architectural proposal for an Application 
                         Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) designed to perform image 
                         reconstruction in real time. The used reconstruction technique is 
                         called Normalized Sampled Finite Sinc Reconstructor (NSFSR), and 
                         has been implemented in software formerly. In this work we develop 
                         an ASIC that implements NSFSR as a dedicated static pipeline 
                         architecture in hardware optimized in performance. We model and 
                         simulate this architecture using VHDL hardware description 
                         language. Based on these results, we conclude that the proposed 
                         ASIC implements the NSFSR correctly and it is optimized if 
                         compared with a software implementation. Improvements should be 
                         done, but the results obtained up to now are very expressive and 
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