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Citation KeyDaldeganGuad:1995:InApIm
Author1 Daldegan, Agnes
2 Guadagnin, Renato da Veiga
Affiliation1 Departamento de Ciência da Computação da Universidade de Brasília (UNB)
2 Departamento de Ciência da Computação da Universidade de Brasília (UNB)
TitleAn integrated approach to improve the facial emotional behavior of virtual actors
Conference NameSimpósio Brasileiro de Computação Gráfica e Processamento de Imagens, 8 (SIBGRAPI)
EditorLotufo, Roberto de Alencar
Mascarenhas, Nelson Delfino d'Ávila
Book TitleAnais
Date25 - 27 out. 1995
Publisher CityPorto Alegre
PublisherSociedade Brasileira de Computação
Conference LocationSão Carlos
Keywordsfacial animation, modeling of facial behavior, virtual actors, facial emotional behavior, virtual human appearance, facial expressions, systems based on emotion.
AbstractThe modeling of the autonomy of actors behavior through emotions suggests a particular focus for the problem of constructing behavior based programs. In this particular case of animation, the target is not only to model the intelligent performance of actors, but also to achieve convincing reaction to events in general, through the actors emotional comprehension of the context [Bates (1994)]. In providing such a kind of credibility of action in order to give people the impression of a human-like virtual actor, to model appropriate emotional expressions performance seems essential, as the face is responsible, to a large extent, for the efficiency of human communication. For that reason, this work presents as a contribution to emotion based systems, a discussion about conceptual and structural questions on modeling the autonomy of behavior for synthetic actors for application in facial animation. In this work some issues concerning the proposition of integration of the following areas are outlined: modeling of autonomous facial behavior, psychology of facial expressions, aesthetics and artistic investigation in conceiving facial emotional behavior for virtual actors. The implementation of a system based on such an approach for a more plausible automated facial emotion performance, and its main results, are outlined.
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