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             abstract = "In the past few years a lot of effort has been done on modelling 
                         computer animation schemes through physical laws. Indeed, the 
                         behavior of almost all characters in an animation or in a 
                         simulation can be represented by mathematical tools, such as 
                         differential calculus. On the other hand, interactions among 
                         actors and the animator suggest some other approach. Following 
                         this line of inquiry we split the computer animation control 
                         problem in two parts: a local control problem and a global control 
                         problem. The local control defines the behavior of each character, 
                         while the global control is responsible for the interactions. In 
                         this paper we propose an event oriented scheme to solve the 
                         control problem. This has been done using concepts regarding to 
                         DEDS (Discrete Event Dynamic System) and ESM (Extended State 
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