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                         Morphology, where theoretical advances are made and new useful 
                         practical applications are discovered at a fast pace. On the other 
                         hand, adaptive-neighborhood techniques have been utilized with 
                         success for some time in the image processing field. In this work 
                         we propose the extension of a well-known class of morphological 
                         filters, the Alternating Sequential Filters (ASFs), to include the 
                         paradigm of adaptive-neighborhood image processing, leading to 
                         what we have called the Adaptive Alternating Sequential Filters 
                         (AASFs). By using synthetic and real images to which Gaussian 
                         noise was added, we demonstrate the better performance of the 
                         open-close and close-open AASFs against the correspondent ASFs, 
                         both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.",
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