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                         Analysis of Facial Profiles. The aim is to establish a method of 
                         segmentation, description and classification of human facial 
                         profiles. Special emphasis is given to the analysis of changes in 
                         shape and the use of curvature variation along the profile. 
                         Mathematical techniques for quantitatively describing the changes 
                         produced by surgery have been developed, including methods of 
                         automatic profile segmentation and curvature analysis using scale 
                         space techniques. A medical graphics workstation is used for data 
                         analysis, which generates a three-dimensional model of the facial 
                         surface from data of CT, MRI scanners or from a custom built laser 
                         scanner, allowing the definition and extraction of a number of 
                         arbitrary sections (sets of x-y coordinate points). Mid-line 
                         facial profiles representing the pre and post-treatment states of 
                         a patient following surgery to the middle third of the face is 
                         used to illustrate some of the methods.",
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