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             abstract = "The CAD group of EPUSP-Mec{\^a}nica/Mecatr{\^o}nica developed a 
                         Solid Modeling System for educational and research purposes. This 
                         systems was named MSD (Modelador de S{\'o}lidos Did{\'a}ticos 
                         Educational Solid Modeler). This article is divided in two parts. 
                         In the first part, it will be described the functions supported by 
                         the system. These functions are classified in the groups: creation 
                         of primitives, hierarchical structure, transformation, display, 
                         analysis, Boolean Operators, Split, Animation, Undo and Others. In 
                         the second part, several details are going to be explained. 
                         Specially it will be discussed how to solve the problem found in 
                         M{\"a}ntyl{\"a}s approach [M{\"a}ntyl{\"a} (1988)] and how the 
                         {"}shell{"} element will influence the implementation of the 
                         Boolean Operators. Finally, it will be shown some aplications of 
                         the MSD (CAPP and Robotic Kinematics Simulator).",
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