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                         video capabilities allows new styles of application, which require 
                         simple yet high dynamic interaction with users, based on the 
                         exploitation of graphical user interfaces. We present in this 
                         paper the exploration of a distributed environment, which permits 
                         the display of animated image and remote analogue video (in 
                         accordance with the video in a window paradigm), for use as active 
                         elements of a hyper document or as a medium for developing user 
                         interfaces. More specifically, moving regions in a video or 
                         animated image can be seen as anchors with links to other segments 
                         of a hyper document (another video or animated image segment, for 
                         example) or as alternatives to the screen buttons of a graphical 
                         user interface that provide, when activated, the execution of the 
                         specific task.",
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