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             abstract = "This paper presents experience in using curves as a script base in 
                         a variety of computer animation techniques. We present a general 
                         model of motion control in animation and look at practical 
                         examples in the context of rigid body animation, the animation of 
                         soft bodies or deformation and the animation of articulated 
                         structures. Experience suggests that the conceptual difficulty 
                         that a non-numerate or non-computer literate animator may have in 
                         relating the scripts to its effect, is soon overcome. An animator 
                         very quickly becomes used to using and editing curves that specify 
                         some aspect of motion. The methods employed are discussed in the 
                         context of how best to give complete artistic control to the 
                         animator while at the same time insulating him from the tedium of 
                         specifying movement in a low level or detailed form.",
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