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             abstract = "This paper describes a method to register four images that cover a 
                         larger area. One image needs to have an overlapping region with an 
                         adjacent one. The process uses a two stage register. The first 
                         stage, called the local register stage, involver the matching of 
                         control points over two adjacent images and the register of these 
                         points. This provides a local matching point (the centroid of all 
                         control points) and the local register angle. This is done for 
                         each overlapping region. Since there are calculation errors in the 
                         local matchings, the four matching points way not agree with each 
                         other. Then the need of the second stage appears. This second step 
                         uses a minimization function to achieve the best position 
                         considering all of the four local matching points and their local 
                         angles. The function tries to force the points to agree and also 
                         tries to preserve the local register parameters.",
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