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             abstract = "Current improvements in software development techniques are 
                         changing the concept of reusability to a more general approach. In 
                         this context, the Object Oriented Model has been providing great 
                         advances to the programming process. One advance is the reuse of 
                         objects by abstract operations like aggregation/decomposition and 
                         by generalization/specialization, in contrast with the old 
                         fashioned cut and paste then modify paradigm of Structured 
                         Programming. The Abstract Data View (ADV) model is a clean 
                         alternative for reusing Abstract Data Types and compositions, as 
                         well as development environments designed to support construction 
                         of GUIs. An ADV-based graphics user interface development 
                         environment is described, providing a basic framework for 
                         experiments. We are interested in identifying the benefits of 
                         applying the ADV model to a programming process.",
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