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             abstract = "Nowadays, with the great increasing of the computers processing 
                         power, weather forecast could be possible and its very important 
                         to the community. Normally, the meteorologist working with great 
                         data sets, so the graphics representation of these data associated 
                         with satelite or radar images are important resources to study of 
                         the climate behavior. In that way, systems of meteorological data 
                         visualization have proved that they are important tools for 
                         meteorologists. The author, based in the knowledge obtained 
                         working in the INPE project to implement the system of 
                         meteorological data visualization MicroMAGICS and in the research 
                         work developed in the Space Science and Engineering Center in 
                         Madison USA, where he studied techniques to generate 
                         tridimensional graphics analyse in this paper an algorithm to 
                         generate tridimensional surfaces that can be used to visualize 
                         many physical fields, in special, the fields related to climate.",
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