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             abstract = "Most image colorization techniques assign colors to grayscale 
                         images by embedding image pixels into a highdimensional feature 
                         space and applying a color pattern to each cluster of 
                         high-dimensional data. A main drawback of such an approach is 
                         that, depending on texture patterns and image complexity, clusters 
                         of similar pixels can hardly be defined automatically, rendering 
                         existing methods prone to fail. In this work we present a novel 
                         approach to colorize grayscale images that allows for user 
                         intervention. Our methodology makes use of multidimensional 
                         projection to map high-dimensional data to a visual space. User 
                         can manipulate projected data in the visual space so as to further 
                         improve clusters and thus the colorization result. Different from 
                         other methods, our interactive tool is ease of use while still 
                         being flexible enough to enable local color modification. We show 
                         the effectiveness of our approach through a set of examples and 
                         comparisons against existing colorization methods.",
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