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             abstract = "Recognizing different kinds of fruits and vegetables is a common 
                         task in supermarkets. This task, however, poses several challenges 
                         as it requires the identification of different species of a 
                         particular produce and also its variety. Usually, existing 
                         computer-based recognition approaches are not automatic and demand 
                         long-term and laborious prior training sessions. This paper 
                         presents a novel framework for classifier fusion aiming at 
                         supporting the automatic recognition of fruits and vegetables in a 
                         supermarket environment. The objective is to provide an effective 
                         mechanism for combining low-cost classifiers trained for specific 
                         classes of interest. The experiments performed demonstrate that 
                         the proposed framework yields better results than several related 
                         work found in the literature and represents a step forward 
                         automatic produce recognition in cashiers of supermarkets.",
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