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TitleAutomatic Classifier Fusion for Produce Recognition
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Author1 Faria, Fabio Augusto
2 Santos, Jefersson Alex dos
3 Rocha, Anderson
4 Torres, Ricardo da Silva
Affiliation1 University of Campinas
2 University of Campinas
3 University of Campinas
4 University of Campinas
EditorFreitas, Carla Maria Dal Sasso
Sarkar, Sudeep
Scopigno, Roberto
Silva, Luciano
Conference NameConference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 25 (SIBGRAPI)
Conference LocationOuro Preto
DateAug. 22-25, 2012
Book TitleProceedings
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
Publisher CityLos Alamitos
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KeywordsRecognition, Ensemble of Classifiers, Diversity Measures.
AbstractRecognizing different kinds of fruits and vegetables is a common task in supermarkets. This task, however, poses several challenges as it requires the identification of different species of a particular produce and also its variety. Usually, existing computer-based recognition approaches are not automatic and demand long-term and laborious prior training sessions. This paper presents a novel framework for classifier fusion aiming at supporting the automatic recognition of fruits and vegetables in a supermarket environment. The objective is to provide an effective mechanism for combining low-cost classifiers trained for specific classes of interest. The experiments performed demonstrate that the proposed framework yields better results than several related work found in the literature and represents a step forward automatic produce recognition in cashiers of supermarkets.
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