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             abstract = "Although several methods for pedestrian tracking can be found in 
                         the literature, robustly tracking a person in unconstrained 
                         environments is an open and active research problem. In this 
                         paper, we propose a method that represents each pedestrian as a 
                         set of multiple fragments, aiming robustness with respect to 
                         occlusions. These patches are tracked individually and their 
                         translation vectors are combined robustly in the world coordinate 
                         frame using Weighted Vector Median Filters (WVMF). Additionally, 
                         the algorithm uses the camera parameters to both estimate the 
                         person scale in a straightforward manner and to limit the search 
                         region used to track each fragment. Experiments carried out using 
                         two publicly available datasets (PETS and TownCentre) are 
                         presented, and they indicate that the proposed method is robust to 
                         partial occlusions and large scale changes. According to our 
                         experiments, the proposed approach outperforms, regarding the 
                         quality of localization, some of the methods in the current state 
                         of the art.",
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