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             abstract = "This paper proposes a new methodology for micropattern analysis in 
                         digital images based on fuzzy numbers. A micro-pattern is the 
                         structure of the gray-level pixels within a neighborhood and can 
                         describe the spatial context of the image, such as edge, line, 
                         spot, blob, corner, texture, and more complex patterns. By 
                         treating a pixel neighborhood as a fuzzy set and each pixel 
                         gray-level as a fuzzy number, we can evaluate the membership 
                         degree of the central pixel to the others. We have called this 
                         method the Local Fuzzy Pattern (LFP). Using a sigmoid membership 
                         function, we proved that the proposed methodology surpasses the 
                         Hit-rate of the Local Binary Pattern (LBP), for texture 
                         classification. The LFP proved to be robust to image rotation. 
                         Moreover, our proposed formulation for the LFP is a generalization 
                         of previously published techniques, such as Texture Unit, LBP, 
                         FUNED, and Census Transform.",
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