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             abstract = "We describe a sketch-based system for constructing an illustrative 
                         visualization of the subsurface. An intuitive and rapid modelling 
                         tool is defined, which takes as input user's strokes and creates a 
                         3D layer-cake model of the earth. Our tool enables users to 
                         quickly express and communicate their ideas directly using a 3D 
                         model. For sketching, we have created geometric operators that 
                         capture the domain specific modelling requirements. We have 
                         devised sketching operators for expressing folding and faulting 
                         processes. This makes it possible to produce a large span of 
                         scenarios. Moreover, for communicating layer properties such as 
                         rock type and grain size, our system allows for associating user 
                         defined texture to each layer which can be deformed with a few 
                         sketch strokes.",
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