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             abstract = "We propose a novel and fast interactive segmentation methodology 
                         for computer vision applications. Basically, the proposed system 
                         performs the tracking of seeds so that multiple seeds can be 
                         acquired over time, substantially improving the segmentation 
                         results. Moreover, instead of image coordinates, the user 
                         indicates points in the real-world that become seeds in the image. 
                         These seeds can be indicated, for example using a laser pointer or 
                         a smart-phone. The seeds can then be tracked and used by a 
                         segmentation algorithm. Experiments using the Lucas-Kanade Optical 
                         Flow and the Fast Multi-Object Fuzzy Segmentation (Fast-MOFS) 
                         algorithm demonstrate that the proposed technique successfully 
                         segments images in real-time and improves the user ability to 
                         directly segment an object in the real world. The proposed system 
                         has a high performance, allowing it to be used with high frame 
                         rates in devices with low processing capability and/or with 
                         restricted power requirements.",
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