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                         can be used to characterise the shape changes due to gender 
                         difference. We work using a 2.5D representation based on facial 
                         surface normals (or facial needle-maps) for gender classification. 
                         The needle-map is a shape representation which can be acquired 
                         from 2D intensity images using shape-from-shading (SFS). Using the 
                         von-Mises Fisher distribution, we compute the elements of the 
                         Fisher information matrix, and use this to compute geodesic 
                         distance between fields of surface normals to construct a 
                         shape-space. We embed the fields of facial surface normals into a 
                         low dimensional pattern space using a number of alternative 
                         methods including multidimensional scaling, heat kernel embedding 
                         and commute time embedding. We present results on clustering the 
                         embedded faces using the Max Planck and EAR database.",
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