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             abstract = "In this paper, we propose an error concealment technique for H.264 
                         coded videos. The algorithm is targeted at compressed videos 
                         degraded after packet losses caused by transmission over an 
                         unreliable channel. We use a combination of watermarking and 
                         halftoning (dithering) techniques. At the encoder side, a dithered 
                         version of each video frame is em- bedded into the video using a 
                         watermarking technique. The watermarking technique used by the 
                         proposed algorithm is a modified version of the Quantization Index 
                         Modulation (QIM) algorithm, which provides a good data hiding 
                         capacity. At the decoder side, the algorithm identifies which 
                         packets of the video were lost, extracts the corresponding mark, 
                         and applies an inverse halftoning technique to estimate the 
                         original content. The algorithm is fast and has a good 
                         performance, being able to restore content with a better quality 
                         than the default H.264 error concealment algorithm.",
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