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                         applications. The popularization of real time depth sensors even 
                         diversifies potential applications to end-user natural user 
                         interface (NUI). The quality of such NUI highly depends on the 
                         robustness and execution speed of the gesture recognition. This 
                         work introduces a method for real-time gesture recognition from a 
                         noisy skeleton stream, such as the ones extracted from Kinect 
                         depth sensors. Each pose is described using a tailored angular 
                         representation of the skeleton joints. Those descriptors serve to 
                         identify key poses through a multi-class classifier derived from 
                         Support Vector learning machines. The gesture is labeled 
                         on-the-fly from the key pose sequence through a decision forest, 
                         that naturally performs the gesture time warping and avoids the 
                         requirement for an initial or neutral pose. The proposed method 
                         runs in real time and shows robustness in several experiments.",
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