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             abstract = "This work presents a fast method for motion estimation by using 
                         low discrepancy sequences. The basic idea in this proposal is one 
                         based on the reduction of the computational effort involved in the 
                         matching of a given block with the reference block. Instead of 
                         using a metric that employs all corresponding pixels in both 
                         blocks, it uses one that selects a subset of pixels for which the 
                         coordinates are determined by the so called low discrepancy 
                         sequences. The proposed method is applied to the New Three Step 
                         Search (NTSS), typically used as a technique for motion estimation 
                         in video applications. The results show a reduction in 
                         computational complexity of about 80% with regard to the NTSS, 
                         with little degradation in the recovered frame. The block matching 
                         of this present method can couple nicely with virtually any motion 
                         estimation technique, requiring very little change.",
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