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             abstract = "In the oil industry, clear and unambiguous 3D flow visualization 
                         techniques are very important to inspect the results of numerical 
                         simulation of black-oil reservoir models. In this paper, we 
                         revisit the use of line integral convolution (LIC) for imaging 3D 
                         vector fields on arbitrary surfaces and apply it to reservoir 
                         visualization. We use a GPU-based method to image the tangential 
                         component using the conventional 2D LIC in projected screen space 
                         and propose the use of color to encode the normal component. To 
                         attach the flow imaging to the 3D surfaces, avoiding image 
                         flickering while manipulating the model, we propose a simple 
                         scheme based on randomly generated texture coordinate, avoiding 
                         the use of a solid 3D texture noise. For animation, we adjust the 
                         use of filters to ensure that the animation speed varies in 
                         accordance to the field magnitude. We also explore the 
                         visualization of multiphase (oil, gas, and water) flow.",
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