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             abstract = "Surface splatting is a fast rendering technique for point-based 
                         models that usually delivers good-quality renderings. However, the 
                         intrinsic characteristic of this technique is the treatment of 
                         points as if they were discs. That requires special processing 
                         near sharp edges and corners in order to prevent rendering 
                         artifacts from appearing. In this work, we present a clever way of 
                         clipping splats near sharp edges and corners by a classification 
                         of neighboring splats, which belong to distinct intersecting 
                         surfaces. Those neighboring splats that take part in the clipping 
                         process are called clip partners. Their concavity or convexity 
                         with respect to one another are determined, as well as their 
                         relation with the clipped splat. In our approach, there is no need 
                         of distance computations nor of other complex operations during 
                         the rendering process, since the classification can be performed 
                         offline during a pre-processing phase. The examples presented in 
                         this paper demonstrate the importance of correctly clipping splats 
                         for high quality rendering.",
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