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             abstract = "Seamless image cloning has become one of the most important 
                         editing operation for photomontage. Recent coordinate-based 
                         methods have lessened considerably the computational cost of image 
                         cloning, thus enabling interactive applications. However, those 
                         techniques still bear severe limitations as to concavities and 
                         dynamic shape deformation. In this paper we present novel 
                         methodology for image cloning that turns out to be highly 
                         efficient in terms of computational times while still being more 
                         flexible than existing techniques. Our approach builds on 
                         combinatorial Laplacian and fast Cholesky factorization to ensure 
                         interactive image manipulation, handling holes, concavities, and 
                         dynamic deformations during the cloning process. The provided 
                         experimental results show that the proposed technique outperforms 
                         existing methods in requisites such as accuracy and flexibility.",
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