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             abstract = "In most surveillance traffic systems the background image is used 
                         for segmenting the moving objects. In this paper, we propose a 
                         method for progressive and constant renewal of the background 
                         image of a video sequence. Our method is divided in three parts: 
                         frame difference to get an actual information of the video 
                         sequence; reward and penalty function that modifies a temporal 
                         histogram; and the background generation uses the information 
                         found in the histogram. The principal characteristic of the method 
                         is the constant regeneration of the histogram using neighborhood 
                         information of intensity levels, penalizing the occurrence of 
                         foreign objects and rewarding the values of static objects. For 
                         that, the histogram values are modified regionally and its 
                         variation correspond to a normal distribution. The principal 
                         advantages of our proposed method lies in the progressive 
                         increment of the background pixel intensity occurrences, the fast 
                         reaction to changes between foreground and background segments and 
                         the simplicity of the method that can be used in real time 
                         applications. At the end of this paper, experimental results 
                         demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed technique in 
                         different weather conditions and traffic situations.",
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