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             abstract = "Many image segmentation algorithms have been proposed, specially 
                         for the case of binary segmentation (object/background) in which 
                         hard constraints (seeds) are provided interactively. Recently, 
                         several theoretical efforts were made in an attempt to unify their 
                         presentation and clarify their relations. These relations are 
                         usually pointed out textually or depicted in the form of a table 
                         of parameters of a general energy formulation. In this work we 
                         introduce a more general diagram representation which captures the 
                         connections among the methods, by means of conventional relations 
                         from set theory. We formally instantiate several methods under 
                         this diagram, including graph cuts, power watersheds, fuzzy 
                         connectedness, grow cut, distance cuts, and others, which are 
                         usually presented as unrelated methods. The proposed diagram 
                         representation leads to a more elucidated view of the methods, 
                         being less restrictive than the tabular representation. It 
                         includes new relations among methods, besides bringing together 
                         the connections gathered from different works. It also points out 
                         some promising unexplored intermediate regions, which can lead to 
                         possible extensions of the existing methods. We also demonstrate 
                         one of such possible extensions, which is used to effectively 
                         combine the strengths of region and local contrast features.",
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