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                         to allow the movement of robots or virtual agents in planar 
                         environments. However, there is a lot of space to improve the 
                         quality of paths restricted to 3D surfaces, with holes and bends 
                         for instance. This work presents a new technique for path-planning 
                         on 3D surfaces called 3DSBVP. This path planner is based on 
                         Boundary Value Problem (BVP), which generates potential fields 
                         whose gradient descent represents navigation routes from any point 
                         on the surface to a goal position. Resulting paths are smooth and 
                         free from local minima. The 3DS-BVP works on complex surfaces of 
                         arbitrary genus or curvature, represented by a triangle mesh, 
                         without the need of 2D parametrizations. Our results demonstrate 
                         that our technique can generate paths in arbitrary surfaces with 
                         similar quality as those generated by BVP-based methods in planar 
                         environments. Our approach can be applied in the development of 
                         new tools to automate the navigation on 3D surfaces, like the 
                         camera control in the exploratory visualization of 3D models.",
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