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                         visual analysis. The hardware development for increasing the image 
                         resolution at its capture still has a higher cost than the 
                         algorithm solutions for super-resolution (SR). Like image 
                         restoration, super-resolution is also an ill-conditioned inverse 
                         problem. This work analyses the iterative restoration methods (Van 
                         Cittert, Tikhonov-Miller and Conjugate Gradient) which propose 
                         solutions for the ill-conditioning problem and compares them with 
                         the IBP method (Iterative Back Projection) proposed by Irani-Peleg 
                         [1] and Komatsu et al. [2]. The analysis of the found similarities 
                         is the basis of a generalization, that other iterative restoration 
                         methods can have their properties adapted, such as regularization 
                         of the ill-conditioning, noise reduction and other degradations 
                         and the increase of the convergence rate can be incorporated to 
                         the techniques of super-resolution.",
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