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                         edition capable of generating and displaying complex and 
                         high-resolution terrains. Our system is efficient and fast enough 
                         to allow the user to see the terrain morphing at the same time the 
                         drawing editing occurs. We have two types of editing interactions: 
                         the user can draw strokes creating elevations and crevices; and 
                         previous strokes can be interactively moved to different regions 
                         of the terrain. One interesting feature of our tool is that 
                         terrain primitives can be interactively manipulated similarly to 
                         primitives in vector-graphics tools. We achieve real-time 
                         performance in both modeling and rendering using a hybrid CPU--GPU 
                         coupled solution. We maintain a coarse version of the terrain 
                         geometry in the CPU by using a quadtree, while a fine version is 
                         produced in the GPU using tessellation shaders. .",
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