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             abstract = "There has been a lot of progress in modeling and rendering 
                         elements of our Natural World for computer graphics tasks. In the 
                         Plant Kingdom, techniques for modeling the visual patterns 
                         presented in many natural objects (such as stripes on a 
                         watermelon) have advanced far less than methods for modeling the 
                         shape and reflectance properties of individual or large 
                         collections of elements (such as leaves and trees). In this paper 
                         we explore a procedural model for synthesis of many familiar 
                         visual patterns from the Plant Kingdom. Our results show that in 
                         this context a procedural model has advantages over other 
                         texturing techniques such as texture mapping and procedural noise, 
                         since these patterns are usually needed in great quantity, and at 
                         least for some plants, with many geometric variation, assigning 
                         consistent texture coordinates is a challenge. We show results for 
                         fruits, mushrooms, and small decorative plants.",
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