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             abstract = "We propose a memory-efficient method that com- putes persistent 
                         homology for 3D gray-scale images. The basic idea is to compute 
                         the persistence of the induced Morse-Smale complex. Since in 
                         practice this complex is much smaller than the input data, 
                         significantly less memory is required for the subsequent 
                         computations. We propose a novel algorithm that efficiently 
                         extracts the Morse-Smale complex based on algorithms from discrete 
                         Morse theory. The proposed algorithm is thereby optimal with a 
                         computational complexity of O(n2). The per- sistence is then 
                         computed using the Morse-Smale complex by applying an existing 
                         algorithm with a good practical running time. We demonstrate that 
                         our method allows for the computation of persistent homology for 
                         large data on commodity hardware.",
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