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             abstract = "The first Flight Test Campaign (FTC) carried out for an 
                         experimental aircraft is the calibration of its Air Data System 
                         (ADS). In this case, the altitude and airspeed measurements of the 
                         aircraft are provided by both anemometric along with the Flight 
                         Tests Instrumentation (FTI) systems that are corrupted by 
                         installation errors. Therefore, a tool was developed using 
                         techniques such as image processing in order to minimize these 
                         errors. A tool is described for detecting the position of the 
                         aircraft during a FTC through a video of the high-speed camera. 
                         The tool detects the aircraft and reference points, calculates 
                         altitude and airspeed of the aircraft and determines validity of 
                         test point in FTC. The preliminary tests of this tool showed 
                         satisfactory results compared to the current method. This paper 
                         will discuss such scenario, its preliminary development and the 
                         results through performed flights with EMBRAER Jet XAT-26 aircraft 
                         and HELIBRAS HB-350L-1 helicopter.",
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