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             abstract = "The uniform decomposition is a new hierarchical segmentation 
                         method which main property is the preservation of a given 
                         characteristic for each subset of the partition provided by the 
                         decomposition. Its computation is incremental and, in each 
                         iteration, a candidate region is split only if it is found a valid 
                         split where each new subset respects an input criterion, for 
                         instance size or shape. The uniform decomposition is comparable to 
                         the classical one given by the threshold of the extinction values 
                         from each regional minima. More, it is comparable while 
                         maintaining the criterion for each partition subset. The paper 
                         also proposes the application of the uniform decomposition as the 
                         core of the watershed from propagated markers, a method applied to 
                         assisted segmentation of objects in image sequences. An 
                         quantitative evaluation benchmark was applied to assess the 
                         combination of the uniform decomposition to the watershed from 
                         propagated markers. The evaluation highlights the achievements of 
                         good segmentation and efficiency.",
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