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             abstract = "Finite element bases defined by sampling points were used by J. 
                         Lehtinen in 2008 for the efficient computation of global 
                         illumination in virtual scenes. The bases provide smooth 
                         approximations for the radiosity and spontaneous emission 
                         functions, leading to a discrete version of Kajiya's rendering 
                         equation. Unlike methods that are based on surface subdivision, 
                         Lehtinen's method can cope with arbitrarily complex geometries. In 
                         this paper we present an experimental validation of Lehtinen's 
                         meshless method by comparing its results with an independent 
                         numerical solution of the rendering equation on a simple 
                         three-dimensional scene. We also compare Lehtinen's special 
                         finite-element basis with two other similar bases that are often 
                         used for meshless data interpolation, namely a radial basis with a 
                         Gaussian mother function, and Shepard's inverse-square-distance 
                         weighted interpolation. The results confirm the superiority of 
                         Lehtinen's basis and clarify why the other two bases provide 
                         inferior-looking results. .",
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