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             abstract = "Realistic rain scenes animation is a complex task due to both the 
                         rendering and fluid dynamics simulation issues. The associated 
                         phenomena, like rain strokes rendering, splashing of raindrops and 
                         the simulation of the generated surface flow are known 
                         difficulties in this area. This paper describes a computational 
                         framework to incorporate these elements in a scene containing a 
                         digital terrain model (DTM). In the rain model, the raindrops are 
                         modeled by a particle system implemented in GPU. Each particle 
                         represents a drop and the Precomputed Radiance Transfer (PRT), 
                         expressed in a spherical harmonics bases, is used to incorporate 
                         environment lightning to the rendering engine. The Smoothed 
                         Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method is employed for simulating the 
                         superficial flow over the terrain and lake formations. The 
                         rendering of the fluid free surface is performed by applying an 
                         environment mapping technique plus Fresnel effects to a regular 
                         geometric representation known as ``carpet''. The experimental 
                         results show the potential of the proposed pipeline for computer 
                         graphics and highlight the fact that it is a promising framework 
                         for real time applications.",
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